• An exploration into the subculture of "muddin' ".   I traveled to Colfax, Louisiana to attend Trucks Gone Wild, a week-long camping festival for modified truck hobbyists. 
  • Truck Nuts explores the racial differences and sexual nature of the event. Taking place in the heart of a black community, the event was mostly dominated by whites and innumerable Confederate flags flew proudly.  In the evening trucks were converted to be stages for amateur strip shows, often featuring intoxicated young women performing for the largely male audience.
  • 42 pages of color photographs
  • Printed and bound in USA
  • Stocked at Unity Mart, Virgil Normal, Skylight Books and EM Wolfman Books
  • Featured on Monster Children



"I met Tracy, her two daughters, and two coworkers. Tracy invited me to be their personal photographer and gave me two Bud Lites as we drove around listening to Lil’ Jon’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and heckling shirtless men. Tracy kept telling me to take a photo of her daughter’s friends butt: “Doesn’t she have an amazing butt?” We pulled over two times in 30 minutes to refresh our beers. They were very friendly and hospitable and I regretted losing track of them after I ran back to my Kia to fetch more batteries for my camera."

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"I met Dakota, a monster truck owner who wore a Donald Trump mask, and he invited me to stand on the bed of his 12-foot high truck and throw beads. He gave me a tour, showing me the massive suspension and instructing me on how to climb up the massive tires. He excused himself to pose in his Trump mask with a young woman in a Confederate flag bikini."

"I met Debbie and her husband, Fat Cat, who explained how he got his name: he’s obese and “loves pussy.” They named their car ‘Lil’ Bad Bitch’. Debbie is a high school vice principal and mentioned she recognised many of her students at the event but told me, “What happens at Mudfest stays at Mudfest.” She said she wouldn’t be telling any parents about what their children did during the event."

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